Naturally-Derived Processing Aids
for the Production of Yeast

Yeast Production

Hops and yeast have worked hand-in-hand for centuries. BetaTec Hop Products has taken advantage of this valuable relationship for the benefit of industrial yeast producers. Our expertise in hops has resulted in an effective range of naturally-derived processing aids ideally suited to improve the production conditions of commercial fermentations. In addition to our core yeast products, we may have additional naturally-derived products ideally suited to your process.

Yeast Production
Yeast Processing

Key Advantages:

  • Active against common yeast contaminants.
  • Efficiently inhibit bacteria while not harming yeast.
  • Effective at the typical temperatures and pH of commercial fermentations.
  • Safe to handle and easy to use.
  • Derived from a food-grade natural source.
  • Reduce flocculation.
  • Improve filtration and separation.
  • Increase dry time.
  • Possible increase of yield.
  • Decrease usage of other process chemicals such as antifoams.
IsoStab - BetaTec Hop Products
Yeast Processing


Hop Acid 30% active solution. Recommended for the production of seed yeast. Working optimum pH range: (pH 2.5 – 4.5)


Hop Acid 9% active solution. Versatile hop-based product amenable to yeast production in both seed and commercial fermentation. Working optimum pH range: 3.5 – 5.5

LactoStab - BetaTec Hop Products
Yeast Processing
Yeast Processing


Hop Acid 10% active solution. Recommended for commercial yeast production stages. Working optimum pH range: 4.0 – 7.0

Yeast Processing

Our BetaTec technical support team is available to provide on-site assistance in developing and optimizing a customized application strategy specific for your process.

Yeast Liquid
Yeast Block
Yeast Under Microscope
Hop Production
Vertical Separator

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