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Our application scientists and flavor chemists have determined that special flavor and aroma character can be obtained when blending hop oils with other natural flavors. Frequently this is done for a unique effect but also can be done for cost-effectiveness or for better product stability.

A BetaTec team of hop chemists, flavor chemists, sensory panelists and hop applications scientist combine the hop oil fractions into unique BetaTec blended hop aroma and flavor products.

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Hop Flavoring

Hops as a Functional Food Ingredient

Since it’s used in brewing beer, the hops cone has been consumed by humans for thousands of years. But beyond brewing, hops have a range of properties ideally suited for use in other foods. These functionalities include:

  • Flavoring
  • Preservation
  • Bittering
  • Foam enhancement
  • Foam stabilization

About Our Products

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Hops are a Food Product
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