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General Product Information

Is the new and improved generation. Same natural ingredients, high quality products and all natural. HopGuard®3 is a liquid miticide used to control varroa mites in honeybee colonies. It is derived from hop compounds and delivered in ready-to-use wet insert strips.

The active ingredient is hop beta acids.

A HopGuard package contains either 10 or 24 insert strips ready-to-use. HopGuard is also availabe in a 312 count bucket. The strips are made of corrugated cardboard and are impregnated with HopGuard liquid. Use the strips as they come out from the bag, do not remove the liquid.

Unopened HopGuard packages should be stored in a dark and cool place. Opened packages should be tightly sealed, stored in the refrigerator and ideally used within 2-3 months after opening.

It's considered natural because it is made with plant hop acids and with food grade ingredients.

How to Use HopGuard

(Please refer to label for full instructions)

Strips are applied at a rate of two insert strips per ten frames of bees (the same rate can be used in eight-frame colonies) or one strip per five frames of bees.

HopGuard strip inserts are placed in the brood chamber in the center frames. The strips are hung over the frames. It is recommended that the strips be spaced between 1 or 2 frames. Before inserting the strips, smoke the top bars to alert the queen to move away as you insert the strips to avoid rolling her down.

No. The strips have to be inserted over the frames in the brood chamber for maximum efficacy.

Yes. Since the medium size frames are shorter than deep Langstroth frames the strips will need to be hung over two frames.

Yes. Since the top bar hive frames are shorter than deep Langstroth frames the strips will need to be hung over two frames.

Yes. We recommend to wait three to four days after the strips are inserted before doing a hive inspection.

Yes. In the springtime when mother colonies are split HopGuard is very effective at targeting phoretic mites during the unsealed brood window.

Yes. HopGuard can be safe and very effective when used in bee packages as studies have shown a 95% efficacy.

Yes. HopGuard works best when temperatures are between 52°F (11°C) and 92°F (33°C).

It can be applied up to 92F, make sure to fully open the entrance and remove inner covers if present. Because of the hop smell, in some cases bees will fan and may show bearding behavior.

Make sure the entrance and bottom board (if present) are fully opened and inner covers removed. The bees are used to the hop smell by now and may not show unusual fanning or bearding behavior.

Yes, it can but colonies should be fitted properly to help the bees regulate hive temperature and humidity during treatment. Hive entrance should be open to its full width, inner covers (if present) removed and screened bottom boards fully opened to allow air circulation inside the colony. A rim or spacer can also be installed to enhance airflow. Because of the hop smell, in some cases bees will fan and may show bearding behavior.

HopGuard can be applied any time during the year but its efficacy increases when there is less brood present in the colonies. An early spring treatment or fall treatment after the honey harvest showed to be very efficacious.

Yes. HopGuard can be applied any time of the day if the outside temperature is above 55°F (13°C).

HopGuard is most effective in early spring and late fall when there is less brood present in the colonies. Depending on mite levels; specially in the fall when levels are high multiple-consecutive treatments (1-2 weeks apart) are recommended.

HopGuard 3 efficacy rate depends on the mite levels, time of the year and how many treatments were applied, the range is 70-85%.

Yes. Studies have shown that HopGuard is safe to use during honeyflow without any risk of disrupting nectar foraging or tainting the honey.

Yes, if the outside temperature is above 52°F (11°C). Do not insert the treatment later in the day to avoid chilling the brood.

HopGuard®3 is registered in the USA, to be applied up to four times during the year. Depending on mite levels, it can be applied in consecutive treatments (1-2 weeks apart) for maximum efficacy.

HopGuard 3 strips are active up to 15 days.

HopGuard 3 does not affect queen egg laying, she may avoid the strip area for a couple of days. Please smoke the top bars well before inserting the strip to alert the queen to move away and avoid getting caught in the strip.

Purchasing HopGuard

Yes. It can be purchased from our distributor Mann Lake @ www.mannlakeltd.com and its authorized dealers.

You can order it on the Mann Lake website: https://www.mannlakeltd.com/search?q=hopguard

No. it is only available in the USA and Canada.

HopGuard 3 is now registered in Canada.

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