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BetaTec has established a strong market position within sugar beet processing as the source for naturally-derived biocides. With the help of our sugar industry partners we work to continually improve our knowledge and broaden our patented applications within the sugar-processing industry. Building upon our success in the sugar beet industry, we also developed products to be used in sugar cane processing.

Sugar Processing
Sugar Beets

Key Advantages:

  • Active against bacterial contamination at ppm levels.
  • Control of lactic acid, dextran and nitrite.
  • Effective over a range of pH values and temperatures.
  • Demonstrated activity in sugar cane mills and sugar beet factories worldwide.
  • Cost effective alternative to synthetic biocides.
  • Can be used in thick juice and molasses storage.
  • Products are water based for ease of dosing.
  • Safe to handle and non-corrosive to equipment.
  • By-products suitable for animal feed.
  • Residues are beneficial for yeast fermentation processes.

BetaStab® XL

An all-natural, environmentally-friendly hop extractive.

BetaStab XL
Sugar Beets
Sugar Beets


An aqueous solution of hop acids.

Sugar Processing

All BetaTec products are accompanied by on-site support, process optimization and consulting.

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