Hops-Derived Fermentation Aids
for Latin America Ethanol Production

Bacteria Control

Another value added benefit of using our bacterial control program is the ability for ethanol plants to sell antibiotic-free distiller grains. Using BetaTec Hop Products, ethanol plants now have the capability to kill yield-robbing gram-positive bacteria without using antibiotics or hazardous chemicals. As the FDA and consumers drive stricter requirements of many co-products used in the feed industry, ethanol plants need to consider regulatory changes and public perception as antibiotics are becoming heavily scrutinized.

Bacteria Control
Bacteria Control

Key Advantages:

  • Eliminates the use of antibiotics.
  • Controls lactic and acetic acid formation.
  • Adds value to co-products with antibiotic-free DDGs.
  • Protects your equipment from harsh chemicals.
  • Potentially increases ethanol yields.
  • Derived from the natural growing hop plant.
  • Thermally stable.
  • pH tolerant.
  • Easy to handle and store.
  • Food grade, Kosher, Halal, GRAS, safe to handle.
  • Cost effective.
  • “Invisible” to yeast, with no negative effect on yeast activity or vitality.
BetaTec Bacteria

How It Works

Inhibits bacteria’s glucose intake, without affecting yeast activity.

BetaTec extracts naturally occurring acids from the hops flower to produce IsoStab® and LactoStab®. These natural acids are absorbed by the bacteria cell and lower its pH. This inhibits the cell’s ability to transfer glucose through the cell wall. In essence, bacteria commonly found in ethanol production are starved to death. They can’t eat. They can’t multiply. And they die. All without the use of chemical antibiotics. Better yet, the bacteria do not recognize IsoStab® and LactoStab® as a threat, and therefore do not develop a resistance. In fact, without competition from bacteria, yeast do their job more effectively and alcohol yield benefits!


IsoStab - BetaTec Hop Products
Bacteria Control


Antimicrobials derived from natural acids found in hops.


Antimicrobials derived from natural acids found in hops.

LactoStab - BetaTec Hop Products
Bacteria Control

LNF Latino Americana Consultoria,
Assessoria e Importação Ltda.

Region: Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay
Market: Ethanol, Cane Sugar, Yeast

PRO TECH International

Region: Louisiana, Central America and Islands, Colombia, Bolivia
Market: Ethanol, Cane Sugar, Yeast

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