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When ethanol plants test new products to improve fermentation, the anti-microbial program isn’t usually on the top of the list…until now. BetaTec Hop Products offers a customized program that not only controls bacterial growth, but enhances overall fermentation, improves the health and vigor of your yeast, and produces more alcohol while lowering the plants operating cost. While using the BetaTec program your plant may even achieve a higher ethanol yield!


Key Advantages:

  • Enhance fermentation performance and help to prevent ethanol yield loss.
  • Control gram-positive bacteria.
  • Fermentation co-products are free from harmful residues (such as antibiotics).
  • Safe and easy to use, active over a broad range of temperatures and pH-values.
  • Easy to handle and store.
  • Can be used in continuous or batch fermentations.
  • No effects on operations with downstream bio-methane production.
  • Meets certifications for GRAS, Kosher, food grade...

Bacteria Control

BetaTec hop acids will effectively control gram-positive bacteria in fermentation during ethanol production.

Yeast Health

BetaTec yeast nutrients mitigate common problems that inhibit fermentation in ethanol production.

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