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“All Natural” Solution for Your Fuel Ethanol Plant’s Bacterial Control Program

When ethanol plants test new products to improve fermentation, the anti-microbial program isn’t usually on the top of the list…until now. BetaTec Hop Products offers a customized program that not only controls bacterial growth, but enhances overall fermentation, improves the health and vigor of your yeast, and produces more ethanol while lowering the plants operating cost. Many customers even achieve a higher ethanol yield!

Another value added benefit of using our bacterial control program is the ability for ethanol plants to sell antibiotic-free distiller grains. Using BetaTec Hop Products, ethanol plants now have the capability to kill yield-robbing gram-positive bacteria without using antibiotics or hazardous chemicals. As the FDA and consumers drive stricter requirements of many co-products used in the feed industry, ethanol plants need to consider regulatory changes and public perception as antibiotics are becoming heavily scrutinized.


About Our Products

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