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The Varroa mite (Varroa destructor) has become the #1 threat to honeybee health causing devastating effect on beehives worldwide. Varroa reduces overall hive health, transmits disease from bee to bee, increases susceptibility to other bee diseases and reduces winter colony survivability.

BetaTec research has discovered a natural hop compound that is highly effective in combating Varroa. HopGuard 3 is a scientifically-proven natural Varroa control system that provides the beekeeper with a natural, safe and easy to use alternative to traditional harsh chemicals.

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Bees - Varroa Mite Control

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Key Advantages:

  • Natural, food grade product delivered in biodegradable cardboard strips.
  • Works by contact.
  • No negative effect on normal hive activity.
  • No negative effect on queen egg laying.
  • No residual in honey.

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Hopguard 3

New and Improved
Products for beekeepers. Promotes bee health and survivability naturally.

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Bees - Varroa Mite Control
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