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Safe and Effective Varroa Mite Control

The Varroa mite (Varroa destructor) has become the #1 threat to honeybee health causing devastating effect on beehives worldwide. Varroa reduces overall hive health, transmits disease from bee to bee, increases susceptibility to other bee diseases and reduces winter colony survivability. Over the years, Varroa has developed resistance to many existing control agents leaving the beekeeping industry with less options to control it.

BetaTec research has discovered a natural hop compound that is highly effective in combating Varroa. HopGuard® II is a scientifically-proven natural Varroa control system. This excellent miticide is derived from hop compounds, and provides the beekeeper with a natural, safe and easy to use alternative to traditional harsh chemicals.

The key advantages of our products are:

  • Natural, food grade product.
  • No negative effect on normal hive activity.
  • Bee, brood and queen tolerance.
  • No negative effect on queen egg laying.
  • No residual in honey.

EPA Registers HopGuard® II – Now Available in California

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has registered HopGuard® II, a new biochemical miticide, Potassium Salts of Hops Beta Acids (K-HBAs), which is intended to provide another option for beekeepers to combat the devastating effects of the Varroa mite on honey bee colonies and to avoid the development of resistance toward other products.

More information on this registration can be found on
Find out about other EPA efforts to address pollinator loss on the EPA web site: Protecting Bees and Other Pollinators from Pesticides.
Learn more about biopesticides on the EPA web site: Biopesticides.


About Our Products


HopGuard® II – Now Available in California

HopGuard® II has been field tested and scientifically proven to be a highly-effective natural Varroa mite control system. This unique miticide is derived from natural hop compounds, providing the beekeeper with a natural, safe and easy to use alternative to traditional harsh chemicals.

HopGuard® II promotes bee health and survivability naturally. This food grade product is safe for the bees, the honey and the environment. HopGuard® II is acceptable for use by queen breeders, with no negative effects on queen development, egg laying or drone sterility.

Easy to use:

  • Each HopGuard® II kit contains 24 insert strips, ready for use.
  • Simply add HopGuard® II to hives at the rate of two insert strips per ten frames. Strips should be hung between brood frames. The same rate can be used in eight-frame colonies.
  • HopGuard® II is most effective when used during the pre-pollination period (before sealed brood), mid-summer and at the onset of winter brood development.
  • HopGuard® II may be applied up to three times per year, even during honey flow.

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