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Improving Fermentation Naturally in the Bio-Ethanol Industry

For centuries hops and yeast have been ideally matched partners in the brewing of beer. BetaTec Hop Products has capitalized on this marriage and introduced a range of naturally-derived substances for use in the bio-ethanol industry which enhance yeast performance and control gram-positive bacteria. Our products can be applied to yeast propagators, conversion vessels or fermentation tanks, and virtually every type of feed stock that is fermentable.

Key advantages of BetaTec products:

  • Enhance fermentation performance and help to prevent ethanol yield loss.
  • Control gram-positive bacteria.
  • Fermentation co-products are free from harmful residues (such as antibiotics).
  • Safe and easy to use, active over a broad range of temperatures and pH-values.
  • Non-volatile…does not distill.
  • Easy to handle and store.
  • All products are food grade and Kosher certified, may even be used in the production of potable ethanol and distilled spirits.
  • Can be used in continuous or batch fermentations.
  • No effects on operations with downstream bio-methane production.

About Our Products

For bio-ethanol production, BetaTec has a broad portfolio of products designed specifically for fermentation and control of gram-positive bacteria.

Since the middle ages, hops have been associated with the “magical” ability to preserve numerous products from spoiling. We now know that certain fractions of the hop cone are highly effective in the control of gram-positive bacteria… so effective that they have replaced antibiotics in several industrial settings. They are the active ingredient of numerous naturally-derived products which retard unwanted bacterial contamination.

Fermentation Aids

BetaTec’s VitaHop® product line are fermentation aids that have been especially formulated to enhance the performance and vitality of yeast and improve production conditions to make commercial fermentation processes more efficient and productive.

Key advantages:

  • Improve yeast alcohol tolerance.
  • Increase yeast viability especially toward the end of fermentation.
  • Induce faster fermentations.
  • Increase ethanol yield.
  • Active over a broad range of temperatures and pH values.
  • All products are food grade and Kosher certified.
  • Non-volatile, do not distill, safe and easy to use.
  • Eliminate the use of antibiotics
  • Control lactic and acetic acid formation
  • Add value to co-products with antibiotic-free DDGs
  • Protect your equipment from harsh chemicals
  • Potentially increase ethanol yield


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For more information on our products for the bio-ethanol industry in Europe, Latin America, Asia, Africa and Oceania, please contact customer service at info@betatec.com.