Xanthohumol, a hop compound for Wellness

...xanthohumol holds promise as a therapeutic agent for treating obesity and dysregulation of glucose metabolism, conditions associated with metabolic syndrome (Leggete  et al., 2013)

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About XanoHop® Gold

XanoHop® Gold is a golden-yellow hop extract made from xanthohumol. It is produced through a proprietary process that enables us to be the world leader in the production of this valuable bioactive substance. Xanthohumol, an ingredient found in hops, is used throughout the world as an ingredient in the brewing industry and gives beer its characteristic aroma and flavor. Little do most people know, the ingredient provides valuable health benefits.

Key Advantages of Xanthohumol

The health benefits of prenyl flavonoids extracted from the hops plant - like xanthohumol -  have been known for years and reported in hundreds of research studies. It has beneficial effects on several components of the metabolic syndrome such as obesity, diabetes and lipids.

Reported activities of xanthohumol in scientific literature include:

  • Regulates fat metabolism and weight gain
  • Regulates LDL or bad cholesterol
  • May promote healthy glucose and insulin levels
  • Potent Antioxidant
  • Anti-inflammatory activity
  • Helps promote general health to ward off illness

A prenylated flavonoid in hops, xanthohumol, improves diet-induced obesity and fatty liver by suppressing SREBP activation. (Miyata et al., 2015)

Xanthohumol Benefits

Benefits of Xanthohumol

Since the 1990s, interest in health-promoting activities of xanthohumol has increased continuously and several hundred scientific studies, more than 500 publications from research papers and patents have reported the potential health benefits of xanthohumol. That includes but not limited to its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, and antiplasmodial activity (Liu et al., 2015)*.

Xanthohumol is the most abundant prenylated flavonoid in the hop plant, with 0.1-1% dry weight, however, in most commercial beers, less than 0.2 mg/L is found, which is not enough to be beneficial to health. In order to increase the yield of xanthohumol in the brewing process, beverages and in food supplements, a xanthohumol enriched hop extract called XanoHop® Gold was developed.

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