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Worldwide Research and Applications, Where New Ideas are Always Growing

The mission of BetaTec Hop Products is the development of novel applications for hop products outside of the traditional market – the brewing industry. From our centers of research located strategically in both North America and Europe, our scientists are constantly adding to our core knowledge of hop functionality. We are also continuously evaluating the complementary effects of other naturally derived substances for the creation of new or improved functionality of our existing hop products.

Speed, flexibility and technical competence has made BetaTec Hop Products the world leader in the “beyond brewing” applications of hop products. We offer our global customers application development, technical support and consulting services. Our goal is to insure your product, and your production efficiency is the best it can be.

Please visit the products page for our areas of current activity. Don’t see your current area of interest? Please contact us, and do not hesitate to let us know about your needs, ideas or problems. After all, hops are our world.