Yeast Nutrient
for Ethanol Production

Yeast Nutrient

Inactive yeast are a source of assimilable nitrogen (amino acids), sterols and long chain fatty acids that strengthen the yeast during fermentation. Advanced liquid formulation provides improved yeast alcohol tolerance and membrane permeability.

VitaHop Silver Liquid
Yeast Production

Key Advantages:

  • Multiple addition points - beginning of propagation fill or midway during fermentation.
  • Enhance fermentation and increases alcohol yield.
  • Minimizes the effect of deficient yeast membrane permeability.
  • Counter effects the presence of inhibitors such as alcohol, C8-C12 fatty acid inhibitors.
  • Resistance to significant temperature changes.
  • Liquid solution easily dispersible and ready for automation.
  • Thiamine and ammonium salts support yeast growth and metabolism.
  • Improves yeast alcohol tolerance.
  • Improves yeast membrane permeability.
  • Maximizes yeast viability at the end of fermentation.
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