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Hops-Derived Antimicrobials for Ethanol Production

IsoStab® and LactoStab® is derived from natural acids found in hops. It will effectively control gram-positive bacteria in fermentation during ethanol production.

Key advantages of Isostab® and LactoStab®:

  • Eliminates the use of antibiotics.
  • Controls lactic and acetic acid formation.
  • Adds value to co-products with antibiotic-free DDGs.
  • Protects your equipment from harsh chemicals.
  • Potentially increases ethanol yields.
  • Derived from the natural growing hop plant.
  • Thermally stable.
  • pH tolerant.
  • Easy to handle and store.
  • Food grade, Kosher, Halal, GRAS, safe to handle.
  • Cost effective
  • “Invisible” to yeast, with no negative effect on yeast activity or vitality

How It Works


Isostab - Hop Acid - Nutrients

IsoStab® and LactoStab® inhibits bacteria’s glucose intake, without affecting yeast activity

BetaTec extracts naturally occurring acids from the hops flower to produce IsoStab® and LactoStab®. These natural acids are absorbed by the bacteria cell and lower its pH. This inhibits the cell’s ability to transfer glucose through the cell wall. In essence, bacteria commonly found in ethanol production are starved to death. They can’t eat. They can’t multiply. And they die. All without the use of chemical antibiotics. Better yet, the bacteria do not recognize IsoStab® and LactoStab® as a threat, and therefore do not develop a resistance. IsoStab® and LactoStab® kills bacteria, but has no effect on yeast activity. In fact, without competition from bacteria, yeast do their job more effectively and alcohol yield benefits!

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How It’s Made

We grow the hops

We harvest the hops

We dry the hops

We pelletize the hops

We extract the hop acids through supercritical CO2 extraction

We isolate these products from the hop acids

Our quality hop extracts are ready for use

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