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Liquid Yeast Nutrient for Ethanol Production

VitaHop® Silver Liquid is a yeast nutrient with complete fermentation activation. VitaHop® Silver mitigates common problems that inhibit fermentation in ethanol production.

Key advantages of VitaHop® Silver:

  • Multiple addition points- beginning of propagation fill or midway during fermentation.
  • Enhance fermentation and increases alcohol yield.
  • Deficient yeast membrane permeability.
  • Presence of inhibitors, such as alcohol, C8-C12 fatty acid inhibitors.
  • Significant temperature changes.
  • Liquid solution easily dispersible and ready for automation.
  • Thiamine and ammonium salts support yeast growth and metabolism.
  • Improves yeast alcohol tolerance.
  • Improves yeast membrane permeability.
  • Maximizes yeast viability at the end of fermentation.
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For more information on VitaHop® Silver fermentation enhancer for the bio-ethanol industry in Europe, Latin America, Asia, Africa and Oceania, please contact customer service at info@betatec.com.